How to Handle the Clean-up of Your Flooded Basement

Flooding is a disaster that can occur in any home, anywhere.

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Flooded Basement Cleanup

Flooding can be caused by extreme weather, faulty plumbing or any number of things that you might not even think about. For example, consider the following clients testimonial:

Flooding was the last thing we thought about in a brand new home on a sunny day. Nothing was wrong with the home – no leaks or plumbing issues – yet within two weeks of moving in we faced a major flood in the basement… when our washing machine malfunctioned. I went down to change the load and stepped into a lake! In a new city, I wasnt sure who to call, so I asked my new neighbors for advice and Im glad I did. Within an hour of the call, the emergency flooding and water damage crew was in my home, cleaning up the mess and even repairing the damage! I was really impressed by their friendliness and expertise. – Gina L.


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What happens when basement flooding goes undetected and unaddressed?

  • Water will damage your walls and floors!
  • Water will damage your foundation!
  • If not fully dried, the moisture will lead to mildew and even toxic mold!
  • If the water is contaminated, thousands of bacteria can thrive, multiply and attack.


Your family could be at risk!

Anyone who enters your home is at risk!

You also risk losing property value as the water damages your home!

You can avoid these risks by hiring the best water and flood damage experts!


24/7 Emergency Crews Standing By – One Hour Response Time!

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The quicker you act, the less expensive your damages will be!

Plus 90% of damages from basement flooding can be reversed if addressed immediately!

If you wait, your insurance may not cover you- viewing it as a failure to mitigate damages!

Our insurance was minimal and didnt cover everything, so we were really concerned about the cost to repair flood damage in our basement after a pipe broke. We knew that the best option was to act fast, but we didnt know how wed come up with the funds so quickly. We called 1-866-705-4705 on the advice of a friend and we were pleasantly surprised by their professional response and prices and payment arrangements that were far more reasonable that wed anticipated. I am so glad that we were able to save the money by acting fast. – Don R.


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I really thought that we could handle it on our own and we wasted valuable time trying. Fortunately, it didnt take us too long to see that the project was beyond our level of experience and we needed to call the experts. Thats when we dialed 1-866-705-4705 and discovered how fast and effective the high quality equipment and professional expertise could be. It didnt even cost an arm and a leg, as our insurance covered most of it. – Deanna S.


Its always great to call a company and have the crew care as much about your home as you do. These guys are really the best and Id never even consider another service after witnessing their expertise and efficiency. – Shaun C.




The Principles Of A Flooded Basement Cleanup

Experiencing a flooded basement is not anyone’s idea of a good day. Whether your basement is used for storage, is vacant, or is built up into a recreational area, you have a real project on your hands.

A flooded basement area can occur from a leak in the basement wall, a broken water or sewer pipe, backup of sewage from a main line, or a genuine flood of a general nature. Regardless of the cause, if you have any level of standing water in your basement, you must be sure not to touch the water in any way or step into it. There may be electrical connections that are still live under the water which could prove fatal if you contact it.

Rather than cleaning and restoring the area yourself, you would be wise to step back and ask a professional water restoration company to come in and take care of this for you. They will have the expertise and the necessary equipment to process the situation in the safest and most effective manner.

You may be asked by the water restoration company to relocate yourself and your family for a few days, as even breathing vapors from the water can be dangerous. Flood water can contain raw sewage, E-Coli, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, fertilizer, pesticides, and petroleum products. Coming into contact with water with these items can even make people sick.

The water restoration company will first remove the standing water, and the more quickly this is done, the better, as this helps to eliminate further growth of mold and bacteria. High speed pumps are just the ticket for this project.

Once the water is removed then the drying process begins. Large box fans are used here, and this can take a few days for the area to be completely dried. This is also important for stamping out mold and bacteria, as they both feed on moisture.

The the area must be cleaned and sanitized, and special equipment is used for this. Items such as furniture, cushions, rugs, carpeting, padding, drapes, drywall, and anything else that will hold water must be thrown out, as some things are impossible to get completely dry.

If you were to attempt this yourself, you could be partially successful, but the area where you might run into trouble is getting the area completely sanitary, as you could lack the expertise and equipment to to a thorough enough job.

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